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What Are the Effects of Tuna Fish?

Jan. 21, 2021

Tuna is not only fresh and tasty, but also has a high nutritional value, so many people love tuna. What are the effects and functions of tuna? Blast cold room for tuna fish supplier will tell everyone.

Efficacy of Tuna Fish

Tuna belongs to the family Mackerelidae of the order Perciformes, and is also called tuna, more widely known as tuna, and is a warm-water migratory fish in the ocean. It is effective in helping weight loss, effectively lowering cholesterol levels, and nourishing the central nervous system.

1. Helps to lose weight

Tuna has a very low fat content and low calorie content, but is rich in protein and other nutrients, so it is ideal for modern women to lose weight easily by consuming tuna food, which can replenish the nutrients needed in the body while losing weight.

2. Reduce cholesterol content

The EPA, protein, and taurine contained in tuna can lower cholesterol, and regular consumption can prevent diseases caused by high cholesterol levels.

Blast Cold Room for Tuna Fish

3. Nourishes the central nervous system

The unsaturated fatty acids DHA eicosapentaenoic acid and EPA eicosapentaenoic acid in tuna fish are the highest among all kinds of foods, and DHA is called brain gold, which is an essential nutrient for the development of human brain and central nervous system.

4. Protect the liver

The large amount of unsaturated fatty acids contained in tuna can greatly reduce the work intensity of the liver, protect the liver and strengthen its function.

5. Prevents arteriosclerosis

Tuna itself has a particularly low fat content, so it can lower blood lipids, unblock blood vessels, and effectively prevent atherosclerosis.

Blast Cold Room for Tuna Fish

There are usually used in conjunction with cryogenic and ultra-cryogenic refrigerators.

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Super Deep-low temperature cold storage is mainly used for industrial products of low temperature detection and seafood (such as tuna, sardines and COD etc.) and pharmaceutical material storage.

Two-stage compression or cascade refrigeration system is generally used in cryogenic and ultra-cryogenic storage, which can meet the requirements of cryogenic storage temperature and ultra-cryogenic storage temperature ranging from -30℃~-45℃、-45℃~-70℃、-70℃~-105℃

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