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How to Operate a Flake Ice Machine?

Jan. 27, 2021

Flake ice machine out of the flake ice with dry, not easy to caking, and fresh products contact area, not easy to damage the fresh products, etc., not only can reduce the processing medium and the temperature of aquatic products, meat, drinks, etc., but also delay the metabolism of the product, to prevent the growth of bacteria, to achieve the purpose of cooling, preservation of fresh, mainly for product placement, display, packaging and other preservation of the role.

According to flake ice machine supplier, according to the principle of evaporator and different production methods, made of ice shape is also different. Generally according to the shape of ice, the current market ice machines are flake ice machine, pellet ice machine, plate ice machine, tube ice machine, shell ice machine and so on. Among them, the sheet ice machine has the advantages of dryness, good hygiene, large contact area with aquatic products, meat, drinks and other fresh products, and high freshness, which has been widely used in aquatic products, meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits and other fresh transportation, marine fishing and other industries.

In this regard, in addition to the continuous commitment to research and development of equipment and solid product quality, users must also master the correct operating procedures of the flake ice machine in order to better ensure the safe, stable and high-quality operation of the equipment.

30Ton Flake Ice Machine

How to operate a flake ice machine?

1. The user must check whether the automatic water supply device is normal and whether the water tank is reasonably stocked before starting the machine. If there is no problem, plug in the power supply, the ice machine begins to work, first of all, the pump starts to run about 2 minutes after the compressor starts, the machine enters the ice making state.

2. When the ice sheet reaches the set thickness, the ice plate probe starts to start and the defrost solenoid valve starts to work, and the ice sheet falls for about 1 minute. When the ice is falling, the ice plate is turned over and the reed switch is opened. When the reed switch closes again, the machine enters another ice flake state.

3. When the bucket is full and the reed switch does not close automatically, the machine stops working automatically. When enough ice is taken away and the reed switch is re-closed, the machine starts up after a 3 minute delay and re-enters the ice making process.

SeaWater Flake Ice Machine

30Ton flake ice machine has an excellent cooling effect and has the characteristics of large cooling capacity and rapid speed. There are mainly used in various large-scale refrigeration facilities, food quick freezing, concrete cooling and the like.

1.Flake Ice Flat in Shape, safety and Sanitation.

2.High Reliability and Low Breakdown Rate.

3.High Efficiency and Energy Saving.

4.Simple Maintenance and Convenient Moving.