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Sea Water Flake Ice Machine Are of Great Significance to the Marine Fishing Industry

Feb. 01, 2021

Fishing boats go out to sea fishing operations, in order to keep fish fresh and preserved, will be prepared in advance on board a large number of ice or freshwater for ice production. In the past, we usually buy ice from the ice rink, and then break the ice, layer by layer to cover the seafood surface for preservation. This broken ice cover the way, can not completely wrap the seafood, there will be a certain gap, the preservation effect is not good, and broken ice inevitably have sharp edges, sometimes will cut the flesh of seafood, will affect the selling price of seafood. 

This traditional freshwater ice has at least the following disadvantages: from the shore to transport freshwater ice required to consume fuel costs; from the shore to drive the ice loss due to melting during the road to the fishing location; traditional freshwater ice has sharp edges, sometimes will cut the flesh of seafood, affecting the sales price; traditional freshwater ice can not completely wrap the seafood, there are easy gaps, affecting the preservation effect.

3Ton Seawater Flake Ice Machine is a kind of seawater ice machine installed on the fishing boat. The ice machine uses seawater for ice making and seawater cooling. Based on on-site restrictions, most fishing boats are equipped with flake ice machines within 1Ton to 5Ton per Day. The use of seawater ice making and seawater cooling saves costs and greatly facilitates the need for ice from offshore fishing operations.

Seawater ice machine processing out of the ice is not our traditional sense of the traditional large ice, but a temperature of minus 3 degrees to minus 4 degrees of fluid ice, is actually a mixture of ice and water. Because it can flow, so it can completely wrap the seafood, in addition, to quickly cool down, but also do not make any scratch on the surface of seafood to ensure the quality of seafood.

3Ton Sea Water Flake Ice Machine

The seawater ice machine produces seawater fluid ice, which is a kind of liquid ice different from the traditional solid ice.

It is a mixture of spherical particulate ice crystals and liquid - ice slurry, an ice-water mixture with a temperature of -3 to -4°C. This ice-water mixture, which looks like finely shaved smooth ice from a summer dessert store, can flow.

Add fluid ice to seafood. Therefore, it can wrap the seafood in all directions, ensuring that the seafood is not squeezed and scratched by hard ice, keeping the original appearance of seafood to the maximum and locking the seafood sea flavour. Fish preserved in fluid ice. These sand ice can be 360 degrees, all-round, gently wrapped, these flavours from the sea, to be eaten or processed when the need to thaw, the seafood will be fresher.

Flake Ice Feature

Adapt to the swing of the fishing boat.

Resist the erosion of seawater.

High Reliability and Low Breakdown Rate.

High Efficiency and Energy Saving.

Simple Maintenance and Convenient Moving.

Flake ice machine configuration

Evaporator: 316 corrosion-resistant material on the inner wall.

The evaporator water distribution device adopts an annular sealing nozzle to prevent the ship from swinging unevenly.

Condenser: seawater condenser made of stainless steel and copper tube.

Compressor: Semi-closed piston deep oil sump compressor, usually equipped with different working conditions to effectively prevent oil from swaying.

Electric box: S/S box used to prevent corrosion and rust from affecting the circuit.

The information is provided by 3Ton Sea water flake ice machine supplier.