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Turnkey refrigeration system container blast freezer

Apr. 19, 2022

The installation of refrigeration equipment in the cold storage has been a problem that has plagued buyers. In the past, we did install the cold storage project at the request of customers overseas, so as to help customers put it into production as soon as possible and produce economic benefits.

Recently, at the request of customers, we customized the -40℃ mono-block refrigeration equipment for the 20ft container large volume cold storage for the quick freezing of durian meat. Before leaving the factory, we installed and welded the complete set of pipelines of the unit and indoor evaporator, and conducted refrigeration commissioning.

Requirement of blast freezer

Usage: frozen fresh durian meat

Temperature requirement: Reach - 40 ℃ within 4-8 hours. (the freezing time is determined according to the product output of the customer's processing workshop).

Package: Shelf and trays


Compressor unit: equipped with 50HP low-temperature compressor and V-type condenser

Evaporator unit: customized large cooling capacity floor type large cooling capacity cooling fan according to the width of the cold storage

Return air design: stainless steel windshield with a slope of 45° is installed in the cold storage to enhance the return airflow rate

Product advantages

1. It does not need to be installed the equipment again and can be used directly

2. Save installation cost and time

3. Low maintenance cost, digital display temperature control to know the freezing condition

4. The assembled cold room saves freight cost. Before leaving the factory, the wall panel on the side of the installation equipment will be prefabricated to install the cooling fan.


We confirm the size and placement position of the units according to the design drawings of the placement of the units in the cold storage at the customer's site.

Firstly,  the customer has installed the floor of the cold room, the second step is equipment installation. It is required that the compressor unit and the indoor cooling fan in the cabinet must maintain a balanced horizontal line, push it from the wall panel with reserved holes to install it, and then use sealed PU foam to strengthen thermal insulation. 

The equipment has been put into operation in good condition. If you just need it, please contact us!

 We will try our best to serve you!