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How To Clean The Ice Maker?

Apr. 24, 2019

As an Ice Making Machine Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations for the cleaning of ice machines.

1. Clean the internal ice in time

After using the ice machine, clean the ice cubes inside the ice machine and clean them. When cleaning, not only should the power supply be turned off first, but also avoid direct flushing with water pipes. The appropriate amount of neutral detergent should be added to the water to scrub the ice machine's siding and liner, and then use a clean soft cloth. Dry the water.

2. Regularly clean the inlet valve screen

In order to maintain the sanitation of the ice machine, we recommend opening the inlet hose every two months and cleaning the inlet valve screen because there will be some sediment impurities in the water. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will block. The water inlet makes the water intake smaller and smaller and causes the ice to fail to form properly. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly to prevent these impurities from blocking the water inlet.

3. Always clean the surface of the dust

In order to get clean ice, it is recommended that you always clean the dust on the condenser when using the Fresh Water Ice Machine. On the one hand, it can ensure that dust does not enter the inside of the ice machine, on the other hand, it can avoid dust accumulation. Thickness causes damage to the compressor due to poor heat dissipation. In addition, be careful not to use a sharp metal brush when cleaning dust, you should use a soft cloth or brush.

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