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How To Choose The Model Of The Ice Machine? 1

Apr. 28, 2019

As a Cold Storage Customized Factory, we can provide different types of ice machines according to the needs of different enterprises. However, different models of Flake Ice Machine have different performances in terms of power and ice production. When companies need to use a block ice machine, they not only need to find an affordable block ice machine manufacturer, but also the selection method when purchasing Flake Ice Machine.

How to choose the ice machine model in the block ice machine manufacturers

1. Understand the demand for ice cubes and purchase

When enterprises go to the ice machine manufacturers to purchase ice machines, they need to choose according to the demand for ice. However, Flake Ice Machine is affected by the environment when making ice cubes. For example, in the summer, the ambient temperature is relatively high, and the ice production capacity of the same ice machine is relatively low under the same conditions. Therefore, the enterprise When purchasing Flake Ice Machine, you need to know how much ice is needed in the summer or during the peak season, and then know which ice machine of the ice machine manufacturer can meet this demand.

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