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Chicken Cold Room

  • Chicken Cold Room
  • Chicken Cold Room
  • Chicken Cold Room
  • Chicken Cold Room
  • Chicken Cold Room
  • Chicken Cold Room
  • Chicken Cold Room
product description

Cold room for chicken application

Frozen chicken cold room

Frozen Beef cold storage

Frozen poultry cold room

The composition of Cold Storage

A complete cold room is composed of cold storage body, compressor unit, condenser, solenoid valve, filter, pressure control, oil grading accessories.

The main components of the cold storage are imported international well-known brands, which ensure that the cold storage configuration is reasonable, stable operation, good insulation performance, low consumption, high energy, excellent quality.


The temperature range of freezing cold storage is from - 15℃ to - 25℃.

It is mainly used for quick-freezing of food, medicine, and chemical raw materials.

Likes fish, meat, plasma, laboratory, Aquatic products, Meat, Fresh fruit, Vegetables.

Item NoYCF10YCF20YCF30
Cold Room Size5000 x 3000 x 3000mm2400x4800x3050mm45000 x 3200 x 3000mm
Product LoadChickenMeatIce Cream
Initial Temp-18℃ Centigrade
Required Temp15℃ to -20℃
Ambient Tem30 ℃30 ℃30 ℃
Duration12hours24hours12 hours
EquipmentSemi-hermetic 5HPSemi-hermetic 3HPSemi-hermetic 5HP
Refrigeration CondenserAir-CooledAir-CooledAir-Cooled
Panel Thickness100mm/150mm
Surface materialS/S 304, PPGI, aluminum sheets
Door size800*1800mm800x1800mm(H)800x1800mm(H)

Any size of the cold room can be customized according to customer needs.

We focus on Custom. but not selling standard size.

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