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Fruits Cold Room

  • Fruits Cold Room
  • Fruits Cold Room
product description

Fruits cold storage


Fruits cold storage refers to the cold storage used for fruit preservation, which can reduce the incidence of pathogens and rot rate of fruits through low temperature, and slow down the metabolic process of fruits, so as to prevent decay and prolong storage.

The choice of temperature should be paid great attention to when fruit and vegetable are kept fresh in cold storage. The temperature range of fruits and vegetables ranges from +0℃ to +15℃ degrees. Different fruits are stored differently. Low temperature is very easy to cause frostbite.

Item NameStore TemPeriod Time
apple-1℃~1℃5~8 Month

Specification of Fruits Col Room

Cold Room Size6000 x 3000 x 3000mm5000x4800x3050mm80000 x 3200 x 3000mm
Product LoadApple Peach Grape Pear Cherry Orange Pineapple
Initial Temp-0.5℃-15℃ are available
Required Temp0℃0℃0℃
Ambient Tem30 ℃30 ℃30 ℃
Duration1Month to 6 Month
EquipmentSemi-hermetic 5HPSemi-hermetic 7HPSemi-hermetic 10HP
Refrigeration CondenserSeawater CooledAir-CooledSemi-hermetic 10HP
Panel Thickness75mm/100mm
Surface materialS/S 304, PPGI, aluminum sheets
Door size1200*2000mm800x1800mm(H)800x1800mm(H)

Any size of the cold room can be customized according to customer needs.

We focus on Custom. but not selling standard size.

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