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Where Flake Ice Machines Can be Used?

Mar. 01, 2021

The flake ice maker is a kind of ice machines.It can be divided into a freshwater flake ice machine and a seawater flake ice machine according to the water source. It is mostly an industrial ice machine. Flake ice is widely used in food processing, manufacturing, and concrete cooling, etc.

1. Fisheries.

Seawater flake ice machines can be installed directly on top of fishing boats to make ice from seawater. This allows salvaged seafood to be quickly frozen and preserved, making the fishing industry one of the most important areas of application for flake ice machines worldwide.

2. Fish processing.

Flake ice can reduce the temperature of the processing medium, cleaning water and aquatic products to prevent bacterial growth and keep the aquatic products fresh during processing.

3.Food processing.

Such as bread production in the mixing or secondary on the cream, with sheet ice to quickly cool down to prevent fermentation.

 Flake Ice Machine

4.Poultry and meat processing.

In poultry, meat processing will produce huge heat generation, sheet ice can be used for poultry meat cooling process while adjusting humidity for the product to improve quality.

5.Vegetable distribution and preservation.

Today, to ensure the safety of vegetables, fruits and meat products, physical methods are increasingly used to control the temperature in the storage and transportation of products. Sheet ice has a fast cooling effect and can create a low temperature and high humidity environment, thus ensuring that the subject is not damaged by bacteria.

6. Pharmaceutical industry.

In many experiments in biosynthesis and chemical synthesis, large amounts of ice need to be added to control the rate of reaction and to keep the organism active. Flake ice is hygienically clean, fast cooling and is the ideal cooling carrier in this industry.

7. Concrete mixing.

Flake ice is used as a direct source of water in concrete mixes at a rate of **80%. This provides an efficient and easily controlled cooling effect. Concrete mixed at a constant temperature does not crack due to the physical deformation caused by temperature, thus ensuring the quality and safety of the work. Worldwide, sheet ice concrete cooling systems are widely used in high-quality large-scale projects, such as large dams, high-grade highways, high-rise buildings and nuclear power station construction projects, etc.

8. Chemical dyes.

With the rapid development of the chemical product processing industry, the market demand for chemical product quality and process has been increasing, due to the physical properties of ice, it is decided that the ice in the chemical industry applications continue to expand. In the azo-reactive pigments, dyes production synthesis process, diazotization, coupling and condensation is the production of the necessary synthesis process, due to the diazotization reaction (diazotization), coupling reaction (coupling) and condensation reaction (condensation) in the release of a large amount of heat, and the ideal reaction conditions should be at 0-5 degrees Celsius, so in the chemical reaction, The ideal reaction conditions should be 0-5 degrees Celsius, so a large amount of ice must be added to control the temperature during the chemical reaction to ensure the quality of the product.