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The Main Purpose and Classification of Cold Storage(Part 2)

Sep. 30, 2020

3. According to the category of the library structure

① The civil cold storage can be built into single or multi-story. The main body of the building is generally a reinforced concrete frame structure or a brick-concrete structure. The enclosure structure of the civil cold storage is a heavy structure with greater thermal inertia. The day and night fluctuations of outdoor air temperature and the day and night temperature fluctuations caused by solar radiation on the outer surface of the enclosure structure have greater attenuation in the enclosure structure, so the enclosure structure The temperature fluctuation of the inner surface is smaller, and the storage temperature is easy to stabilize.

②Combined plate cold storage, this type of cold storage is a single-layer form, the storage plate is a steel frame lightweight prefabricated heat insulation board assembly structure, and its load-bearing components are mostly made of thin-walled steel. The inner and outer panels of the library board are made of colored steel plates, and the core material of the library board is foamed rigid polyurethane or glued polystyrene foam board. Except for the ground, all components are prefabricated in professional factories according to uniform standards and assembled on site. Therefore, the construction progress is fast and the construction period is short. This is the current trend of cold storage and is also the most used cold storage on the market.

Cold Storage

③Covered soil cold storage, it is also called soil cave cold storage, the cave body is mostly arched structure, there are single cave type and continuous arch type. Generally, it is masonry, and a certain thickness of the loess covering layer is used as the insulation layer. Used as a low-temperature covered soil cold storage, the foundation of the cave should be on the sandstone layer or bedrock that is not easy to frost heave. Because of its advantages such as adapting measures to local conditions, taking local materials, simple construction, low cost, sturdiness, and durability, it has achieved greater development in Northwest my country.

④ Cave cold storages are generally built-in rock formations with relatively hard stone and good integrity. The inside of the cave body is generally treated with lining or shotcrete anchoring. The thickness of the cover of the cave body is generally not less than 20m.

The characteristics and requirements of the cold storage building: The cold storage is artificially refrigerated to maintain a certain low temperature in the storage. The walls, floors, and flat roofs of the cold storage are covered with insulation materials of a certain thickness to reduce the heat introduced from the outside. In order to reduce the absorption of solar radiant energy, the outer wall surface of the cold storage is generally painted a white or light color. Therefore, the cold storage building is different from the general industrial and civil buildings and has its unique structure.

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