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Fish Cold Room

  • Fish Cold Room
  • Fish Cold Room
  • Fish Cold Room
  • Fish Cold Room
product description


The fish cold room is a kind of cold storage for frozen fish or kinds of seafood. Generally, the temperature is set at -18℃ ~/-23℃, but there are also special circumstances, which require special environmental setting. For example, some deep-sea fish, the temperature of cold storage may reach - 40℃ ~/-60℃.

There are usually used in conjunction with cryogenic and ultra-cryogenic refrigerators.


Frozen fish cold storage is also called frozen storage. It is a low-temperature frozen material cold storage at -18℃. It can store not only fish, other shellfish, shrimp, poultry and other meat, but also frozen fish cold storage. 


Generally, frozen fish cold storage is equipped with a low-temperature handling room and pre-cooling room, which is a link of the whole cold chain of frozen fish. For example, before a wagon of fish is transported to the frozen fish cold storage by refrigeration truck, it needs to be unloaded in the loading and unloading room, which also has a certain low temperature. After unloading, if it is fresh fish, it needs to be pre-cooled quickly before entering the frozen fish cold storage.


1.Insulation cold room. cold room pane is made of high injection polyurethane foam with PPGI sheet/aluminum/stainless steel sheet. the panel thickness support depends on temperature.  

2.Refrigeration system: compressor unit, condensing unit, and brand of valves. 3. electronic control system: signal point, electronic control, Alarm equipment, sensors, etc.; 4. temperature control system: temperature control instrument humidity monitor, etc.;

5. piping system refrigerant copper pipe, insulation pipe, drainage pipe wind rack pvc trunking, etc. 


Any size of the cold room can be customized according to customer needs.

We focus on Custom. but not selling standard size.

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