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Cube Ice machine

  • Cube Ice machine
  • Cube Ice machine
  • Cube Ice machine
  • Cube Ice machine
  • Cube Ice machine


product description

Cube Ice machine

Cube ice maker is a fully automated ice maker with four leading technologies: ice thickness self-regulation, environmental temperature self-adaptation, ice automatic compensation level stabilization and auxiliary condensation pressure stabilization system.



The model is compact, small footprint put any places beautiful;

SUS304 stainless steel material, in line with food hygiene standards;

Design of magnetic seal for door panel, good heat preservation effect;

The main parts of the imported equipment, ensure the quality.



The ice cube machine had applied restaurant, hotel, club, café shop and foods, seafood, supermarket, ice shop.

25kg to 135kg/Day
ModelIce Output   (Kg)Ice Storage (Kg)Size     W*D*Hcm)PowerCooling Way
YT-50P251850*45*85220V、300WWater/Air Cooled
YT-80P351850*45*85220V、328WWater/Air Cooled
YT-120P453650*56*85220V、412WWater/Air Cooled
YT-160P756066*68*98220V、508WWater/Air Cooled
YT-210P956066*68*98220V、618WWater/Air Cooled
YT-280P12060  66*68*98220V、678WWater/Air Cooled
YT-3001359066*68*118220V、780WWater/Air Cooled

25kg to 135kg/Day
ModelIce OutPut    (Kg)Ice Storage (Kg)Size         W*D*Hcm)PowerCooling Way
YT-350P15012056*86*156220V、750WAir /water Cooled
YT-420P18012056*86*156220V、820WAir /water Cooled
YT-500P22520076*85*158220V、950WAir /water Cooled
YT-700P31520076*85*158220V、1210WAir /water Cooled
YT-800P36020076*85*178220V、1560WAir /water Cooled
YT-1000P45025076*85*198220V、2100WAir /water Cooled
YT-1200P52025076*85*198220V、2300WAir /water Cooled
YT-1500P675400122*95*179220V、2580WAir /water Cooled
YT-2000P900400122*95*199380V、3800WAir /water Cooled
YT-3000P1350500122*95*200380V、4000WWater Cooled