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build a 600M3 cold room to store ice cream

Jun. 06, 2022

As requested ice cream factory to build a cold room to store ice cream.

A project for an ice cream factory that is expanding its business.

Cold Room Size: 11000x 14500x3700mm

Cold Room Volume: 595M3
Refrigeration support: 2unit x 10HP Gea Compressor(HGX56e/565-4)
Item Store: Ice Cream
Temperature Range: -15℃ to -24℃

27 days total power consumption 4828 kW-h, average power on daily is 178kw.h

as above feedback from the owner!

If you are interested in the cold room, whether smaller or big, we would like to accept the design and customize it.

Just contact us. thank you!

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