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Why Choose a 5Ton Commercial Flake Ice Machine?

Jan. 07, 2021

In 1748 William Cullen Professor Cullen demonstrated the principle of artificial refrigeration in his laboratory at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

In 1850 the American Florida physicist John Gurley Gree demonstrated the first human ice machine at his private party. This marked the industrialization of artificial ice production.

In 1977 North star refrigeration equipment Corp. developed the world's first flake ice machine. The stainless steel evaporator made it a large ice machine for producing edible ice, following the Ferguson tube ice machine.

In 1986, Shanghai Fishery Company purchased the first tube ice machine in China from Ferguson in Germany for food preservation.

Ice Flake Machine Category

The flake ice maker is a kind of ice machines. It can be divided into freshwater flake ice machine and seawater flake ice machine according to the water source. It is mostly an industrial ice machine.

Flake Ice Machine Application

The flakes have no sharp edges and corners and will not stab frozen objects. It can enter the gap between the objects to be cooled, reduce heat exchange, maintain the temperature of ice, and have a good moisturizing effect.

Flake Ice Feature

The flake ice has an excellent cooling effect and has the characteristics of large cooling capacity and rapid speed. Therefore, it is mainly used in various large-scale refrigeration facilities, food quick freezing, concrete cooling and the like.

5Ton commercial flake ice machine is widely applied in supermarket, seafood market, food processing facility and vegetable preservation industrial. The flakes are flakes, dry and loose white ice, ranging in thickness from 1.0 mm to 2.5 mm, irregular in shape and about 12 to 45 mm in diameter.

5Ton Commercial Flake Ice Machine

Advantages of 5-ton freshwater flake ice machine

1.Safety and Sanitation.

2.High Reliability and Low Breakdown Rate.

3.High Efficiency and Energy Saving.

4.Simple Maintenance and Convenient Moving.

The non-standard power supply needs custom compressor likes 3PH/380V/60hz.

The standard cooling mode is air-cooled for a commercial ice machine. Can be designed to water cooling to meet customer needs.


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The flake ice machine is widely used in aquatic products, food, supermarkets, dairy products, medicine, chemistry, vegetable fresh-keeping transportation, marine fishing, and other industries.

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