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What Is a Food-grade Ice Machine?

Jul. 17, 2019

As a China Ice Machine Manufacturer, let us explain the advantages of food-grade ice machines.

Food grade ice machine, certified by NSF;

The corners of the food-grade ice machine are designed to have a smooth curvature and are easy to clean.

The food-grade ice machine is separated from the outside by a foam layer, which has good heat preservation effect and saves energy.

The patented air-assisted ice picking technology has the advantages of fast ice reduction and energy saving.

The compressor is isolated from the foam base to reduce noise.

Cube Ice Machine

The main components such as the water dispenser, water pump, and water tray are removed and do not require any tools for maintenance.

Patented disinfection and cleaning technology;

The selected plastic parts are designed with antibacterial patents and have anti-corrosion function.

The unique front door hinge design makes it easy to open the front door into the ice-making area and electrical control area for easy maintenance;

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