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What Is a Flake Ice Machine?

Feb. 18, 2021

Flake ice machine is a kind of ice machine, according to the distinction of the water source, can be divided into freshwater flake ice machine, seawater flake ice machine, generally more for the industrial ice machine. Flake ice is a thin, dry and loose white ice, ranging from 1.0 mm to 2.5 mm thick, with an irregular flake shape and a diameter of about 12 to 45 mm. Sheet ice has no sharp edges and will not pierce the frozen object. It can enter the gap between the cooled objects to reduce heat exchange, maintain the temperature of the ice, and have a good moisturizing effect. Sheet ice has excellent refrigeration effect, large cooling capacity and rapid characteristics, so it is mainly used in various large refrigeration facilities, food quick-freezing, concrete cooling, etc.

Yangtzecooling Ice System Co. Ltd. produces 500kg Ton Flake Ice Machine, 1Ton Flake Ice Machine, 3Ton Sea Water Ice Machine, 5Ton Freshwater Flake Ice Machine, 8Ton Flake Ice Machine, 15 Ton Flake Ice Machine, 20 Ton Flake Ice Machine, etc. There are 7 models of flake ice machines to meet different scenarios of Various ice requirements!

Types of flake ice machine types

A.Classification from the daily output of products.

1、Large flake ice machine (more than 20 tons)

2、Medium-sized flake ice machine (3 tons to 20 tons)

3、Small flake ice machine (0.5 tons to 3 tons)

 3 Ton Sea Water Ice Machine

B.From the nature of the water source classification.

1、Freshwater flake ice machine

The name of freshwater flake and that is to use fresh water as the water source to produce flake ice.

2、Seawater flake ice machine

The flake ice machine that uses seawater as water source is mostly used for marine use. Marine flake ice machine is designed for marine ice making operation, using semi-closed deep oil tank piston compressor and marine seawater condenser, can not be affected by the ship's hull sway, and not subject to seawater corrosion.


C. Classification from whether it can be moved

1、Container type flake ice machine

The flake ice machine can be placed in a 20-foot or 40-foot container, which saves infrastructure expenses and is easy to move and maintain.

2、Non-containerized flake ice machine

Container type classification

The flake ice machine can be placed in 20 feet or 40 feet container, which saves infrastructure expenses and is easy to move and maintain.


The small Flake ice machine is widely applied in hotels, supermarket chains, seafood market, food processing facility and vegetable preservation industrial.

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