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What Are the Advantages of Flake Ice Machine?

Dec. 14, 2020

Everyone should know that fishing boats bring their own ice when they go to sea, otherwise, they have to bring ice-making fresh water. In fact, the most indispensable thing in the vast sea is water, but it is difficult to make ice from seawater. But now, we have mature technology that can directly use a flake ice machine to make ice.

Compared with traditional ice-carrying out to sea, using flake ice machine to fetch seawater to make ice on the spot, which not only reduces the load of ships, but also improves operation efficiency to a certain extent, and guarantees the original quality and quality safety of seafood from the source.

What are the advantages of the flake ice machine?

1. Good preservation effect

Directly use seawater to make ice to save freshwater. The ice temperature can reach -8°C. The shape of the ice cubes is uniform and salinity, which ensures the hygiene level of the catch, good preservation effect, and high catch value.

2. Adapt to the marine environment

With direct use of the ship's power, adapt to the harsh sea environment, the fishing boat can normally make ice within 25°of of swing.

3. Automatic control to make ice at any time

The control system is fully automatic, making ice at any time, without special operation, safe and reliable, saving labor, reducing costs, energy-saving and emission reduction, and the ice production efficiency is about 25% higher than that of the same type of product.

30 Tons Flake Ice Machine

Advantages of 30-ton flake ice machine

The 30 tons flake ice machine has an excellent cooling effect, has the characteristics of large cooling capacity and fast speed. Mainly used in various large-scale refrigeration equipment, food quick freezing, concrete cooling, etc.

1. flake ice machine cubes are flat in shape.

2. Safety and health.

3. High reliability and low failure rate.

4. High efficiency and energy saving.

5. Simple maintenance and easy to move.


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