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What Are the Advantages of Flake Ice Machine?

Jul. 05, 2019

As an Ice Making Machine Manufacturer, let's share with you the advantages of Flake Ice Machine.

1: High ice making efficiency and low loss of cooling capacity

Flake Ice Machine has the latest vertical spiral cutter with high efficiency of ice making, which can evenly distribute the water in the ice bucket to the ice bucket for rapid icing. The design of the model not only has a small loss of cold evaporation but also can improve the ice making efficiency of the ice machine to complete the ice making operation of the entire Flake Ice Machine more quickly.

Flake Ice Machine

2: borneol is dry and does not bond well.

The ice flakes produced by Flake Ice Machine are of moderate thickness and all of them have a regular shape, and all the prepared borneols do not stick together or are not easily dispersed, so they can be better utilized for various purposes. The storage can also keep the borneol for a long time, and the original borneol shape can be maintained without good bonding quality during a long period of use.

3: Simple structure and small footprint

Flake Ice Machine not only has good ice making the effect but also has a simple structure and a small area, so it can be installed and used on different occasions without restrictions on the installation environment. Moreover, there are many types of models, and users can select suitable models of different sizes according to the actual use of the venue. Compared with the traditional Flake Ice Machine, the site area can be reduced and the running cost can be reduced.