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The Solution to the Ice Machine Does Not Drop Ice

Feb. 19, 2020

There are several reasons why the Flake ice machine does not de-ice:

1. The ice cube is too thin to enter the de-icing state, and the ice cannot be removed

2. Can deicing, but bad deicing

3. The ice is too thick to remove the ice

4. Deicing failure of ice machine

Solution to the problem that ice is too thin to fall off:

1. Adjust the ice plate probe to the proper thickness

2. Check the water level and the position of the water level probe

3. The water temperature of the ice maker must not be higher than 32 ° C

4. Check the water inlet solenoid valve

Flake Ice Machine

It is possible that the water temperature probe is malfunctioning or the ice mold is seriously fouled. If the water temperature probe is faulty, use a multimeter to measure the resistance value of the water temperature probe. If the resistance value is above 27K, it is judged that the controller is broken and it should be replaced. If the resistance value is below 27K, the two wires must be disconnected. For anyone, adjust the resistance to 27K to 28K by connecting resistors in series.

Check the external parts first, and then the internal parts. For the failure of the main unit or the display to be unlit, first check the switches, fuses, and sockets for open circuits and short circuits, etc., and confirm that the external components are normal before opening the case or display for inspection.

After opening the case, first observe whether the plugs and sockets of the system board are skewed, whether the resistance and capacitor pins are touching, whether the surface is burnt, whether the chip surface is cracked, and whether the copper foil on the motherboard is burnt out; also check whether there are foreign objects Short-circuiting between the components falling into the motherboard, you can also see if there is a burnt and discolored place on the board, whether the traces (copper foil) on the printed circuit board are broken, and so on.

Above information is provides by the Industrial Flake Ice machine supplier.