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Six Secrets Hidden by Cube Ice Machine

Nov. 02, 2020

The cube ice machine is a kind of refrigeration machinery which makes ice after water is cooled by refrigerant of the refrigeration system through the evaporator.

Using a refrigeration system, water carrier, in the electrified state through a device, the manufacture of ice equipment (machinery) is called an ice machine.

So who knows the secrets of the cube ice machine? Here are the details:

1.The water used by the ice maker must meet the national drinking water standards, and a water filter device should be installed to filter impurities in the water to avoid clogging the water pipe and polluting the water tank and ice mold. And affect the ice making performance.

2. The water used in the ice maker needs to be salted (in jargon called dosing) as much as the amount! The pump (plunger pump) is automatically adjusted according to the amount of ice making.

3. The ice maker should be installed in a place far away from heat sources, without direct sunlight, and well ventilated. The ambient temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius to prevent excessively high ambient temperature from causing poor condenser heat dissipation and affecting the ice-making effect.

Cube Ice Machine

Cube Ice Machine

4. The ground on which the ice maker is installed should be firm and level, and the ice maker must be level, otherwise, it will cause no ice removal and noise during operation.

5. The clearance between the back and the left and right sides of the ice maker should be no less than 750px, and the clearance between the top should be no less than 1500px.

6. The cube ice machine should use an independent power supply, dedicated line power supply, equipped with fuse and leakage protection switch, and reliable grounding.

The cube ice maker is an automatic ice maker with four leading technologies: ice thickness adjustment, ambient temperature adaptation, ice compensation level stability, and auxiliary condensation pressure stability system. Want to know more, welcome to consult us.