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Should You Invest in a Blast Freezer?

Mar. 11, 2021

The benefits of having a blast chiller for food safety, food quality, labour savings, and decreased food waste make the investment a no-brainer. But, what do you really need to know to make a smart investment and reap the benefits that come with this game-changing addition to your line-up? As always, Yangtzecooling is here to help! Buckle up, because we have some great information on Blast freezers here to help you help your business.

The personality and needs of your operation can only be identified by you. The first step is to examine your specific needs.


Blast chillers alone are perfect for cook-chill applications. Blast chillers will safely bring temperatures out of the danger zone to minimize the chance for bacteria and pathogens to grow. It retains the quality, texture, and freshness of food allowing foodservice professionals to prepare menu items during slow periods, and then chill for finishing just prior to service. Blast chilling also minimizes the loss of moisture that occurs during cooling periods and minimizes shrinkage.

Blast chiller/freezers are your best choice for rapidly freezing food products for long term storage. Blast freezing allows chefs to prepare menu items and rapidly freeze them for later use. Food products rapidly frozen, cooked, and served will maintain their cellular structure, taste, and appearance as if they were just prepared for the first time.

Blast Cold Room for Tuna Fish


There is a wide range of sizes to fit various workspaces, volumes, and budgets. Work with your dealer representative to incorporate your new blast chiller into a productive and efficient workflow for your kitchen.

Blast Cold Room for Tuna Fish is usually used in conjunction with cryogenic and ultra-cryogenic refrigerators.

The cold storage volume, storage temperature, the location of the unit, the opening of the storage door and the layout of the storage can be designed and customized according to the specific requirements of users to meet the needs of customers.

Super Deep-low temperature cold storage is mainly used for industrial products of low-temperature detection and seafood (such as tuna, sardines and COD etc.) and pharmaceutical material storage.

Two-stage compression or cascade refrigeration system is generally used in cryogenic and ultra-cryogenic storage, which can meet the requirements of cryogenic storage temperature and ultra-cryogenic storage temperature ranging from -30℃~-45℃、-45℃~-70℃、-70℃~-105℃.

The blast freezer we supply can be used not only for tuna frozen but also for Deep low-temperature storage of other aquatic products and foods.

Any size of the cold room can be customized according to customer needs.

Contact us and start your journey of cold storage business wealth.