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Precautions For Cold Storage Use

Nov. 12, 2019

The China Cold Storage Factory introduces you to the precautions when using cold storage.

Cold storage door use:

In order to prevent damage to the cold storage door, please open and close the door gently.

In order to prevent the cold air leakage, please close the cold storage door quickly, to avoid the cold storage fan because the cold storage door is open for a long time, the hot air invasion causes the fin frost serious, resulting in poor cold storage refrigeration.

Proper display of cold storage goods:

When placing goods in the storehouse, please pay attention not to block the suction/exhaust tuyere of the refrigerator fan, and keep the suction/exhaust air unimpeded and the cold quantity evenly distributed.

Put the goods left and right, up and down the interval of 5cm above, to facilitate cold air circulation.

Ensure smooth air outlet and suction inlet:

It is often seen that the suction port is blocked by the product, which reduces the intake of the cold air, resulting in a decrease in cooling capacity and damage to the product.

Fresh Keeping Cold Storage

Fresh keeping cold storage thermostat:

The thermostat can adjust parameters such as cold storage temperature, defrost time, and number of defrosting.

Cold storage can not stack debris:

The top of the cold storage is designed to be non-load-bearing, and there are refrigerant piping and electrical piping, which does not allow users to stack items to avoid accidental damage.

Product storage attention library capacity:

The amount of restocking per cold storage generally does not exceed 20% of the total capacity of the cold storage. Be careful not to damage the down pipe, refrigerant pipe, etc. when purchasing.

Regular cleaning in the cold storage:

Clean the cold storage regularly to avoid odor. When cleaning, please turn off the power switch first. Be careful not to let water immerse in the library light switch, evaporator junction box, etc.

Cold storage defrost:

Cold storage defrost is an electric heating automatic defrost method. When the air humidity is high in summer, it is easy to cause the evaporator to block or freeze. Please do not use hard objects to chip the ice, which will easily cause the evaporator coil to leak. The correct treatment is to use warm water combined with forced defrosting to remove ice, and then increase the number of defrosting and defrosting time.