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What Should I Pay Attention to When Cleaning the Ice Machine?

Jul. 10, 2019

1. Pay attention to the parts soaked and used with a specific ratio of solutions

China Ice Maker Factory believes that in order to clean the ice machine, technicians need to disassemble the ice machine. Waiting for disassembly, you need to turn off the water source of the ice machine, cut off the power of the ice machine, and then soak the removed parts in the right amount. In the cleaning (or disinfection) solution, it is reminded that the ratio of the solution should be in accordance with the specific requirements, especially the ratio of water to cleaning agent or disinfectant, the ratio should be appropriate. Because if the ratio is not suitable, it will affect the cleaning effect.

Fresh Water Ice Machine

2. Take care to use a suitable cleaning tool and rinse thoroughly

Cleaning the parts of the ice machine can not use a relatively hard brush, which will cause scratches on the surface, affecting the appearance or use effect. Therefore, be sure to clean the parts carefully with a soft brush or sponge (do not use a metal brush), especially for cleaning the top, side, and bottom of the evaporator's protruding part. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned with a solution and a brush. Rinse thoroughly.

The above are the two points that need to be paid attention to when cleaning the Fresh Water Ice Machine parts. As long as the operator cleans the parts of the ice machine according to the above method, pay attention to and grasp the relevant points to clean the ice machine more thoroughly. Invisibly, the service life of the ice machine has also been greatly improved.