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Maintenance Points For Ice Machine Products 1

May. 13, 2019

Since the whole machine changes greatly in temperature during the operation of the ice machine, in order to maintain the performance of the machine from temperature changes, it is the most important thing to dissipate heat as soon as possible. There are many pipes in the machine and some other related structures. Therefore, as a Cold Storage Equipment Supplier, we remind everyone to take care of these structures so that they do not easily fail, and remove these possible problems before they happen through normal inspection and protection work. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp some of the more important key issues.

1. Keep away from heat sources

When placing the ice machine, it is necessary for the expert to set the corresponding position, and in the future use, the responsible person can not change the orientation at will, otherwise the ambient temperature around the ice machine will be placed if there is a heat source. Becomes high. Because the Cube Ice Machine itself is extremely urgent, it must be placed in a suitable temperature environment to achieve better ice making.

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