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Working Principle and Maintenance of Water-Cooled Flake Ice Machine

Jun. 03, 2020

Water-cooled condenser

The same water-cooled flake ice machine is the use of a water-cooled condenser.

Cooling performance

Determined by the ambient wet bulb temperature, the higher the ambient wet bulb temperature, the higher the condensation temperature. Generally, a water-cooled condenser is used, and the condensing temperature is about 5-7℃ higher than the ambient wet-bulb temperature.

Flake Ice Machine

Temperature limit

Not higher than 55℃, not lower than 20℃. Generally, water-cooled condensers are not recommended in areas where the ambient wet-bulb temperature exceeds 42℃. So whether to choose a water-cooled condenser, we must first confirm the ambient wet-bulb temperature.

Generally, when designing a water-cooled flake ice machine, the customer must be asked to provide the highest ambient wet-bulb temperature of the year throughout the year. At the same time, when the ambient wet-bulb temperature exceeds 50℃, the condenser cannot be cooled with water, and the cooling tower is easily damaged by high temperature. The cooling tower must be used with sun protection.

Working principle

The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas enter the shell side of the condenser through the air inlet above the condenser. The cooling water pump draws the cooling water from the storage tank of the cooling tower and enters the condenser through the water inlet below the right side of the condenser In the pipe side, heat exchange with the refrigerant outside the copper pipe of the condenser, the temperature rises, it comes out from the water outlet on the upper right side of the condenser, after passing through the water outlet pipe, enters the inlet pipe of the cooling tower, and then the water pipe The water outlet is evenly sprinkled on the filler, and the fan absorbs the air and exchanges heat with the water in the filler to reduce the temperature of the water. The cooled water is stored in the storage tank and is to be reused.

The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas in the shell side of the condenser exchanges heat with the cooling water flowing in the tube side, the temperature decreases, and it condenses into a liquid. The heat rejection of the refrigeration unit first exchanges heat with water (heat exchange occurring in the condensation), and then heat exchanges with air (heat exchange occurring in the cooling tower).

Precautions for flake ice machine maintenance

Warning: For any maintenance and repair work, please be sure to cut off the power supply of the flake ice machine before operating. Especially when the flake ice machine is in the "ice full, water shortage" state and is stopped, do not perform any maintenance, repair (not to enter the machine) and other operations on the flake ice machine, because the flake ice machine may automatically Start work and cause injury.

The above information is provided by a freezer cold room manufacturer.