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What If The Flake Ice Machine Leaks?

Dec. 11, 2019

Flake ice machine, which we are all familiar with, is a kind of ice making appliance. Its function is to make ice so that the shelf life of food and other items can be greatly extended, and it also has the function of keeping fresh. It is very popular in summer. In the process of using the flake ice machine, we will inevitably encounter many problems. Water leakage under the flake ice machine is a very common problem. What kind of fault is it? There are many reasons for this situation. Here's a detailed introduction of the causes and solutions to the water leakage under the Flake Ice Machine.

Marine Flake Ice Machine

Causes of water leakage of small Flake ice machine

1. The water tank has been filled with water, overflowing to the ground so that there is water on the ground around the box.

2. The water tank or evaporator is not placed in the right position, deviated, inclined or not placed in place, so that the water flows out.

3. Due to the poor quality of the water connection tank or evaporator, it is aged and cracked by low temperature (referring to the water connection plate) or high temperature (referring to the evaporator) or it is cracked and leaked. If the water tank is not cleaned for a long time, the food debris flows into the drain hole, and the drainpipe is blocked, so the water cannot be led into the water evaporator, but flows out.

Solution to water leakage of Marine flake ice machine

Turn off the ball valve switch in the water tank in time, put the water connection tank and evaporator in the right position, and make the level in the tank flow into the evaporator accurately. Repair the broken water tank and evaporator, and replace the ones that cannot be repaired. When the machine is powered off, use a 60-70cm fine wire to dredge the pipeline back and forth, and slowly pour a whole cup of water into the hole. If the whole cup of water can be completely poured, it will be proved that it has been completely dredged.