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Ice Machine Classification

Nov. 04, 2019

Ice machines can be divided into commercial ice machine, household ice machine, and industrial ice machine.

Ice making is divided from the shape of ice: granular ice (cylindrical, square and moon), snowflake Ice, scale ice, plate ice, tube ice, and newly developed spherical ice.

Particle ice is divided into spray type, running water type and immersion type according to the ice-making method.

Sea Water Ice Making Machine

Cylindrical ice is generally spray-type ice making. This type of ice-making method has a low freezing point and can reach below -20 °C. The contact surface between the cylindrical surfaces is small, it is not easy to stick into a mass, and it is convenient to use ice. The cylindrical ice cube has high hardness, low temperature and crystal clear ice. It is suitable for the cooling of wine. The slow melting speed will not dilute the wine, and affect the taste of the wine. The disadvantage of the cylindrical ice machine is that the ice production efficiency is relatively low. It is generally used in the production of desktop small ice machines.

The temperature of the scale ice is -6 ° C ~ -12 ° C, which is most suitable for the cooling of industrial processing and transport of perishable goods. It is often used for seafood display in supermarket fresh tables. Large scale ice can also be used in cement plants, chemical plants, meat joint factories, marine fisheries, etc.

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