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How to Defrost Meat?

Feb. 06, 2021

Today's article is also thought of everyone winter meat thawing problem, frozen meat cold storage supplier will talk about how to thaw meat in the case of low temperatures. 

How to Defrost Meat?

1. Refrigeration thawing

This method is very slow but can save electricity to the refrigerator, for example, the next day to eat meat, you can take it out this evening, put it in a container, into the frozen meat cold storage, this can make the meat very slow thawing, generally, large pieces of meat need more than ten hours of time.

2. Saltwater defrosting

This method is not very recommended for everyone, because after adding salt to the water, it is a bit like cured meat, this method of operation will have some disadvantages, that is, the salt will let the meat of the water is cured out, so the water in the meat with the melting less and less, when eating meat will taste older, not that tender taste, if it is a long time stew can also be if it is fried meat, it is recommended not to use brine to open, that fried taste will be very old, especially affect the taste.

3. Water thawing

This may be the best thawing method, but the speed is relatively slow so that soaking in water than from the room temperature thawing method is to be faster, and then is through this soaking method, you can let the meat more to maintain the original taste, and suitable for most of the meat, such as fish and chicken are no problem, after thawing can also be cleaned in the water by the way.

4. Microwave oven defrosting

In fact, the microwave oven will have a defrosting function, this function is actually low-temperature heating, this temperature will not let the meat cooked, but can make the meat quickly thawed if you say the evening off work, the meat has not had time to thaw, and anxious to cook, then you can put the meat into a container, and finally these into the microwave oven to defrost a few minutes, a few minutes after taking out, you can slice and dice directly cooked.

 Frozen Meat Cold Storage

If you think about what to eat the next day, then you can prepare in advance to put into the cold room, then the meat into the container, do not put directly into the refrigerator, no container, after thawing, easy blood flow refrigerator.

These are a few methods of thawing meat, in fact, these methods, the most recommended or slow thawing, slower, to better maintain the taste of meat, if not prepared in advance, and then use the fast thawing method.

The composition of Cold Storage

A complete cold room is composed of cold storage body, compressor unit, condenser, solenoid valve, filter, pressure control, oil grading accessories.

The main components of the cold storage are imported international well-known brands, which ensure that the cold storage configuration is reasonable, stable operation, good insulation performance, low consumption, high energy, excellent quality.

Application of Cold Storage

The temperature range of freezing cold storage is from - 15℃ to - 25℃.

It is mainly used for quick-freezing of food, medicine, and chemical raw materials.

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