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Glass Door Cold Room Purchase Essentials

Aug. 09, 2019

As a Cold Storage Customized Factory, we have the following recommendations for the purchase of the Glass Door Cold Room:

First, the price: Glass Door Cold Room configuration and performance prices are different, the price difference is large. The low quality of the low-priced Glass Door Cold Room: such as excessive workload, noise, power consumption, etc., can be said to be very uneconomical.

Second, the quality: the compressor uses imported compressors to ensure the stability of operation; stainless steel/aluminum alloy metal fuselage skeleton, safe and hygienic, durable; hollow tempered double glass, with wire drawing process metal electric heating wire, defogging and defrost; Pure copper tube cooling, fast cooling, high efficiency, etc.), to provide long-term operational support for businesses.

Third, power: energy consumption, the cottage Glass Door Cold Room is also clearly unable to compete with the authentic. The test results show that the power consumption of the imitation freezer is at least 25% of the original product under the same net volume conditions.

Glass Door Cold Room

Glass Door Cold Room

Fourth, Blast Cold Room use check

1. Check that the small parts of the freezer and the certificate, warranty card, instructions, etc. are complete.

2. Whether the cabinet is scratched, bumped or broken.

3. Test the performance of the freezer. Listen carefully to if the sound is too loud when the compressor is running.

4. Check if the temperature controller and other devices are normal.