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What are the functions and temperature requirements of the Fruits Cold Room?

Oct. 09, 2019

  With the improvement of people's daily life level, there is a high demand for the quality of fresh food, and Fresh Keeping Cold Storage can provide better quality assurance for fresh food. So, what are the requirements for the construction of food cold storage?

  When you plan to build and install a food cold storage, the company will communicate with the design department of the cold storage engineering company to conduct in-depth communication to select the cold storage construction plan that meets the actual user requirements. At the same time, strictly follow the food cold storage design plan during construction. Professional construction.

Fruits Cold Room

Fruits Cold Room

  Fruits Cold Room is a way to store fruits so that the shelf life of the fruit can be extended, and the fruits of each season can be preserved so that people can eat fruits of different seasons at any time, and improve the quality of the people's lives so that they can satisfy. The demand for fruits in various industries has met the needs of all demographics and is simply welfare for food. Then, let's take a look at the functions of the fruit cold storage:

  What are the functions of the fruit fresh-keeping cold storage:

  1. Fruit storage can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Generally speaking, ordinary fruit storage methods can only store fruits in a short period of time. Generally, there is only a 21-day shelf life in the refrigerator, and the shelf life in the fresh-keeping cold storage is 0.5 times that of ordinary refrigeration. Fruits can be sold in the off-season, so that fruit merchants can get higher profits.

  2. Fruit storage can effectively prevent the production of fruits, vegetable pests, and diseases. Fruit storage in the cold storage of fresh fruits can greatly reduce the emergence of fruit and vegetable pests. It can make the interests of the business to the highest.

  3. Fruit storage can ensure the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Put the fruit and water, vitamin C, sugar, acidity, hardness, color, weight, etc. in the fresh fruit in the refrigerator so that the consumer can be satisfied. There is no difference between fresh fruit and freshly picked fruit. It not only provides consumers with fresh and delicious fruit but also provides profits.

  The temperature of the fresh-keeping cold storage:

  When using the fruit fresh-keeping cold storage, be sure to control the suitable storage temperature. It is best to strictly monitor the temperature inside the storage according to the storage characteristics of different items. If the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the deterioration of the fruit. However, once the temperature is too low, it will cause freezing damage to the items in the cold storage, causing unnecessary losses.

  The humidity of the fruit fresh-keeping cold storage:

  Secondly, the humidity of the fruit fresh-keeping cold storage also needs special attention during the use process. In order to achieve the best preservation effect, it is necessary to reasonably determine the relative humidity in the cold storage according to the storage characteristics of different items; too high or too low relative humidity is not conducive to the storage of fruit. In particular, if the long-term temperature in the library is too low, it may cause frost and freeze in the cold storage.

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