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Fresh Water Ice Machine Application

Sep. 18, 2019

One of the products produced by ice machine manufacturers today is called Fresh Water Ice Machine, which is used in food preservation, which is closely related to people's daily life. Fresh Water Ice Machine's ice-making principle is not so complicated, and then China Ice Maker Factory will introduce the application of the ice machine.

Fresh Water Ice Machine

Fresh Water Ice Machine

1. Preservation of aquatic products

I believe that everyone knows that aquatic products need to be kept at a low temperature to ensure quality. According to the introduction of ice machine manufacturers, most of the food preservation depends on the Fresh Water Ice Machine, because the shape of the flake ice machine is flat. The shape can save a lot of space. When these spaces are left out, the aquatic products can be stored in a larger amount, and the number of ice cubes will not be reduced.

2. Artificial ski resort

In many cities that do not snow, there will be some artificial ski resorts. Most of the snow and ice production in the ski resort depends on the Fresh Water Ice Machine. From the explanation of the ice machine manufacturers, the work of the ice machine can be known. The principle has the characteristics of water circulation, and the ski resort has a large amount of ice, so it is suitable for ice making equipment such as a flake ice machine, and the Marine Flake Ice Machine can be quickly replenished to the ski resort.

3. Vegetable processing

In the food industry, there are often many vegetables and semi-finished products. China Ice Machine Manufacturer hereby informs you that you can use a flake ice machine if you want to keep the food fresh during the vegetable processing. When processing vegetables, it is necessary to reduce their metabolism to ensure freshness, and it can also prevent the growth of bacteria in vegetables to some extent, so the flake ice machine can better solve these problems.