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Where Are the Flake Ice Machines Often Used?

Aug. 02, 2019

Flake Ice Machine is a professional high-volume ice-making operation tool with high-quality ice-making efficiency, so it can be widely used in supermarkets or meat and aquatic products processing companies. Let's learn about the next ice machine. Several areas of use for applications:

1. Supermarket preservation

It is well known that supermarkets often need a large amount of borneol or ice cubes for fresh-keeping in seafood or fresh meat. Not only can the foods be stored for a longer period of time without qualitative change, so it is necessary to use a flake ice machine to make a large number of borneol chips. Food is damaged, and it also maximizes the freshness of each product.

2. Poultry processing

3 Ton Flake Ice Machine is often used in the processing of poultry meat for preservation. During the whole process of poultry processing, due to the influence of high-temperature steam, it will have a certain impact on the taste of all fresh meat. Therefore, it is necessary to use a flake ice machine to make a large number of borneols to quickly lower the temperature to ensure the tender taste of the meat.

Flake Ice Machine

3. Preservation of fruits and vegetables

Many merchants also use ice machine in order to better preserve vegetables or fruits. By making large quantities of borneol, they can better preserve vegetables and fruits and can maintain their natural quality or food safety to the utmost extent. The natural cold source and wet and cold storage of the flake ice machine not only keep fresh and effective but also keep the fruits and vegetables intact for a long time.

The above is the area that China Ice Machine Manufacturer uses for the application of the flake ice machine. In addition to these fields, the flake ice machine is often used in the field of meat or aquatic processing and dairy production or bread biscuit processing. The ice machine is used in a wide range of applications and can best meet the ice-making requirements of different industries, helping companies to obtain more clean flakes for better storage.