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What is the Correct Installation Method for Flake Ice Machine?

Jun. 20, 2019

The Flake Ice Machine has a large amount of work and a long working time. Therefore, there must be good installation, maintenance. However, the installation of the small ice machine is relatively simple. Small ice machine basically does not need to be installed by the manufacturer, you need to install it yourself.

Now China Ice Maker Factory introduces some of the problems you should pay attention to when installing the flake ice machine.

3 Ton Flake Ice Machine

3 Ton Flake Ice Machine

1. The location where the flake ice machine is installed.

A. to be installed in direct sunlight, good ventilation.

B. the ambient temperature in winter should not be too low, because the water pipes installed in the outside machine can easily freeze.

C. the minimum ventilation distance of the condenser is at least 1 meter above and below the obstruction and at least 50 above the roof. It is better to have a larger ventilation distance, and it is necessary to keep the air flowing and not to let the wind go. If you can't find a suitable time, you can install a large and small suction device to allow the new wind to exchange heat.

2. The flake ice machine should be installed on a solid ground.

The machine should be installed horizontally without tilting. Otherwise, the machine will vibrate when it runs, and if it is too large, it will save the water in the refrigerator and affect the quality of the ice.

3. The ice machine’s ambient temperature(5-38 degrees)directly affects the amount of ice produced.

This is why some customers often say that the summer ice is slow.

4. Check the voltage of the customer's home and the size of the air switch.

The ice machine should have its own separate water valve and power supply for future maintenance.

5. Turn on the water source.

If the water pressure is too low, the water pressure will be too low, which will cause the old alarm of the machine. If the customer's water pressure is stopped or the old water is stopped, it is recommended that the customer save the water tank and the booster pump. The water level of the inlet tank should be low and about 10 mm from the overflow. The water level can be adjusted by adjusting the float.

6. Do not cool down immediately after the machine is powered on.

The crankcase heater should be able to warm the oil, but some machines are not necessary.

7. The unit is running.

Listen to the crew running sound. Look at the icing of the evaporator, and some machines need to add salt water. Generally 30kg barrels plus 200 grams of salt is good. The specific situation can be seen by yourself. Also look at the water level of the water separator is normal.

8. Observe the defrosting condition of the press.

Prevent liquid slamming, if the expansion valve can be adjusted to adjust the defrosting condition if there is not much fluorine.

9. After the unit is running normally. Test the protection function of the unit.