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What should the flake Ice machine pay attention to when installing the device?

Sep. 12, 2019

       With the widespread application of China Industrial Flake Ice Machine and the reliable development of ice-making equipment in recent years, more ice machine instruments have been reliably implemented in the Chinese market, whether it is a commercial range or household range, such as the ice machine. The instrument has also become an important choice for cooling and cooling. Customers can directly choose to cooperate with high-quality ice machine manufacturers and enjoy the benefits and value of the cooperation. Because of the increasing role and use of borneol, ice machine manufacturers are also working on producing many types of ice machines to help families, businesses and industrial processes ice-making problems, and the ice-making opportunities produced by manufacturers control the quality of the machines and operational skills.

  Recently, China Ice Machine Manufacturer use ice cubes in the production and delivery of goods. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase suitable ice machines from the flake ice machine manufacturers. However, even if the high-quality ice machine is purchased, the installation is not allowed. It also affects the effect of ice making. Here, the ice machine manufacturer will introduce what should be noted when the ice machine is installed.

flake Ice machine  

Flake Ice Machine

       First, keep away from heat sources to prevent direct sunlight

  The temperature is low enough to produce ice. If the outside temperature is too high, it will affect the output value of ice making, and it will cause the ice machine to be damaged due to poor heat dissipation. Therefore, the ice-making by the manufacturer of the ice machine is used. The machine should be kept away from all kinds of heat sources, and maintain good ventilation to prevent the ambient temperature from exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

  Second, the device channel should be stable and robust

  After the ice machine is purchased from a high-quality ice machine manufacturer, it should be installed on a stable and robust channel. Because the ice machine has a large weight, if the channel is not strong, it will not be able to support the ice machine for a long time. In addition, if the channel is not stable, the ice machine will not only have a lot of noise during operation but also may not be dehydrated.

  Third, the need to use independent standard power supply

  Because the power of the ice machine is relatively large, the chipped ice machine manufacturer recommends that the ice machine be equipped with a standard independent power supply to prevent the use of a power source with other equipment. In addition, in order to prevent the fluctuation of the power supply, the ice machine may be faulty. It is also necessary to configure the fuse and the leakage maintenance switch to ensure that the voltage fluctuation of the ice the machine does not exceed 10% of the rated voltage.

  In order to obtain high-quality ice cubes, in addition to the purchase of a good ice machine from an affordable flake ice machine manufacturer, there is a need to pay attention to various aspects of the device at the time of the installation, mainly including selecting a device location away from the heat source. Robust and robust device channels and the use of independent standard power supplies. Make sure that the Sea Water Ice Machine Supplier's ice machine can run safely and make ice for a long time.

  At the same time, everyone needs to know that there are many types of ice machines. Different ice machine applications have different functions and advantages in different categories. The ice machine can be divided into pellet ice machine, flake ice machine, tube. Ice machine, ice machine (ice brick machine), etc.