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Common Sense of Maintenance of Flake Ice Machine

Jul. 21, 2020

Flake ice machine is a kind of ice machine. According to the water source, it can be divided into freshwater flake ice machines, seawater flake ice machines, and general industrial ice machines. Flake ice is thin, dry, and loose white ice with a thickness ranging from 1.0 mm to 2.5 mm. The shape of the slices is irregular, and the diameter is about 12 to 45 mm. Flake ice has no sharp edges and corners and will not stab frozen objects. It can enter the gap between the objects to be cooled, reduce heat exchange, maintain the temperature of ice, and have a good moisturizing effect. Flake ice has an excellent refrigeration effect and has the characteristics of large and rapid refrigeration, so it is mainly used in various large-scale refrigeration facilities, food quick freezing, concrete cooling, and so on.

1. To ensure the quality of ice, you must pay attention to:

a. Do not store anything in the ice storage box.

b. Keep the ice storage box door closed and keep the ice shovel clean.

c. When cleaning the vicinity of the machine, do not let dust, etc. enter the flake ice machine through the vents.

d. It is strictly forbidden to stack goods or other sundries near the air-cooled condenser, and the ice machine is required to work in a well-ventilated environment.

Sea Water Flake Ice Machine

2. To prevent damage to the machine, pay attention to:

a. Do not cut off the water source when the machine is running.

b. Be gentle when opening and closing the refrigerator door, and do not kick or drop the door.

c. Do not stack any objects around the refrigerator to avoid obstructing ventilation and worsening sanitation.

d. When the compressor is turned on for the first time or has not been used for a long time, the compressor heater should be energized for 3-5 hours before running the ice maker.

e. It is strictly forbidden to expose the ice machine box to a place with high air humidity and not open it for a long time. The high humidity may cause the PLC control system and the touch screen circuit board to burn out.

f. When the ice machine is not used for a long time, please supply power to the electric control box control system regularly to ensure the internal time accuracy of the control system.

3. Regular cleaning and maintenance

Users can perform regular maintenance according to local water quality and environmental conditions. In order to ensure the good performance and sanitation of the machine, regular maintenance (about one month).

a. Scrub the inner wall of the refrigerator with a washing solution diluted with warm water.

b. After washing, wipe the surface thoroughly with liquid algae to disinfect.

c. Clean the chassis and body with a soft cloth dipped in stainless steel special detergent.

d. Great attention must be paid to the cleaning of the water system.

e. The water system is cleaned at least twice a year.

f. It is recommended to use a cleaning agent to thoroughly remove mineral deposits and siltated scale.

g. Regularly check the cooling water path and outdoor cooling tower to ensure that the cooling water path is unobstructed and prevent debris from entering the sink at the bottom of the cooling tower.

Flake ice is widely used in fishery, aquatic product processing, food processing, poultry meat processing, vegetable distribution and preservation, manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, chemical dyes, and concrete cooling and other fields.

The above information is provided by the flake Ice plant factory.