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How to Choose Milk Tea Equipment Ice Maker?

Mar. 02, 2020

When summer comes, we all like to drink cool drinks. As the most popular tea shop for young people, in summer, we must keep up with the changes in the season to make cool and delicious drinks. So when buying equipment, we have to choose a suitable ice maker. So how to choose an ice maker? China ice maker factory shares with you.

The ice maker is divided into different powers. It is mainly selected according to the amount of ice. We can estimate the daily ice consumption of our tea shop and choose the appropriate ice maker according to the ice consumption of our tea shop. Generally, As for the ice maker, the amount of ice produced is slightly larger than the amount of ice used, because in case of more passenger traffic on one day, the sales volume of the day increases, then if the ice volume cannot keep up at this time, it will delay business.

Fresh Water Ice Machine

Generally speaking, the ice maker is divided into 60 kg, 100 kg, and 120 kg. This is the ice making capacity of the ice maker for 24 hours, which means that this ice maker can only make so much ice in 24 hours. But this is the case of non-stop work, if the power is interrupted or the work is suspended, its output will be reduced a little

Buying the ice maker separately is very convenient to use, as long as it is taken directly from the ice maker before use. Moreover, the ice maker can also adjust the size and thickness of the ice cubes, and it is very intelligent. Therefore, do not pick up the cheap ice maker equipment. This equipment is a price and a price.

The ice maker is also divided into a vertical ice maker and a horizontal ice maker. Obviously, the vertical ice maker is relatively large. It needs to occupy a certain space and be placed beside the operating table. Its output is also It is relatively large, usually 100 kg or 120 kg. The horizontal ice maker is a desktop ice maker, also called a desktop ice maker, which means that it can be as high as the bar counter and placed side by side with the bar counter. The bar area looks bigger and longer. Such an ice maker also looks more beautiful, and can also visually lengthen the overall sense of space, which is more beautiful. Its output is generally 60 kg.

The ice maker should not be squeezed in the corner, pay attention to ventilation, because the refrigeration equipment works by the compressor, the compressor will generate heat during the work process, if not ventilated, it will shorten the life of the compressor, or even stop the ice maker.

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