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25t Flake Ice Machine Sent To Maldives

Mar. 08, 2019

This is the second machines our client did order. spent 20days the machine arrived at Male It lasted for 2 months. 

Daily output: 25Ton per day.

the ice selling to the fishing boat and fish process when they need staying in the sea in the whole day.

The 25T ice maker was commissioned and shipped to the Maldives. The installation was completed and put into use by customers.

The Flake ice machine supports seawater in making ice. but seawater to used at cooling tower through condensing unit.

So we customized seawater condensing material with the copper tube with Seawater corrosion resistance.

Ice evaporator inner wall adopt to S/S316 and outside with carbon steel and S/S304  to cover the evaporator body.

Handbell compressor 125HP screw type compressor, and PLC with the screen to controll easy operate.