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Glass Door Cold Room

  • Glass Door Cold Room
  • Glass Door Cold Room
  • Glass Door Cold Room
  • Glass Door Cold Room


product description

Glass Door Cold Room (back-filling cold storage)


The back-filling cold room is a fully enclosed cold storage, which is different from the ordinary display freezer room. Display cabinets mainly play the role of displaying goods. Commodities must be sold as soon as possible in the displaying cabinets, and generally can not be used for storage.

The back-filling display cold room integrates display and storage functions.  


It is often used to display large volume, heavyweight and fast circulation commodities such as drinks and ice cream, and to keep a certain amount of inventory.

Back-up display cabinets are also designed for small and medium-sized supermarkets and convenience chain stores. Stores do not need to build special refrigerators to store goods.


When the salesman finds that the goods on the shelf are insufficient, he can enter the interior and replenish them quickly. Not only does it not affect the frontal customers of refrigerators to choose goods, but also avoids warming up in the process of handling. Back-up display cold room with shelf;


  • It has display and storage functions at the same time.

  • Multi-purpose cold storage with the small area

  • Modern refrigeration equipment capable of displaying, freezing and refrigerating goods at the same time

  • And make any combination of freezing and refrigeration

Specification of the cold room with glass doors

The rear-supplement display cold room is surrounded by heat-insulated foam panels, with glass doors or shelves in front. The display warehouse is more like an assembled cold storage. Back-filling display cabinet with glass door. Large back-up display cabinets need site installation and construction. The cabinet is refrigerated by forced circulation of the air cooler. Goods are stored in the back of the cabinet and can be operated inside.

The temperature range of quick-freezing storage is from +5℃ to - 18℃ available customized.

It is mainly used for quick-freezing of food, medicine, and chemical raw materials.

Likes fish, meat, plasma, laboratory, Aquatic products, Meat, Fresh fruit, Vegetables.

Glassdoor of the cold room

ModelItem NameDimension (mm)Door Typcial
YZA-25GGlass Door Freezer2300*4000*23001/2/3/4 Doors
YZB-30GGlass Door Freezer2300*6000*23001/2/3/4 Doors
YZC-50GGlass Door Freezer3000*5000*23001/2/3/4 Doors
YZD-70GGlass Door Freezer3000*6000*26001/2/3/4 Doors
YZE-80GGlass Door Freezer3000*15000*30001/2/3/4 Doors
YZF-100GGlass Door Freezer3500*18000*30001/2/3/4 Doors
YZF-130GGlass Door Freezer6000*9000*30001/2/3/4 Doors
YZF-150GGlass Door Freezer6500*10000*30001/2/3/4 Doors
YZF-190GGlass Door Freezer8000*10000*30001/2/3/4 Doors
YZF-200GGlass Door Freezer8000*10000*35001/2/3/4 Doors
YZF-300GGlass Door Freezer9000*10000*45001/2/3/4 Doors

Any size of the old room can be customized according to customer needs.

We focus on Custom. but not selling standard size.

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