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5Ton Flake Ice Maker

  • 5Ton Flake Ice Maker
  • 5Ton Flake Ice Maker
product description

The marine ice machine is a kind of sea water ice machine installed on the fishing boat.

The ice machine uses sea water for ice making and seawater cooling

Based on site restrictions, most fishing boats are equipped with flake ice machines within 1Ton to 5Ton per Day.

The use of seawater ice making and seawater cooling saves costs and greatly facilitates the need for ice from offshore fishing operations.

Flake Ice Feature

  • Adapt to the swing of the fishing boat,

  • Resist the erosion of sea water,

  • High Reliability and Low Breakdown Rate

  • High Efficiency and Energy Saving

  • Simple Maintenance and Convenient Moving

Flake ice machine configuration

Evaporator: 316 corrosion-resistant material on the inner wall

The evaporator water distribution device adopts an annular sealing nozzle to prevent the ship from swinging unevenly.

Condenser: seawater condenser made of stainless steel and copper tube

Compressor: Semi-closed piston deep oil sump compressor, usually equipped with different working conditions to effectively prevent oil from swaying

Electric box: S/S box used to prevent corrosion and rust from affecting the circuit

8Ton/Day  Industrial Flake Ice machine specification

Item NameSea Water Ice Machine
Compressor power30HP
Ice EvaporatorStainless Steel 304
Daily Output5000kg/24H
Total Power (kw)27.31
Cooling ModeAir Cooled or water-cooled
Power Supply380V/3PH/50Hz
Unit Weight1180
Unit Size2300x 1900x 1720mm
Ice Storage Size2300x2300x2000

Non-standard power supply need custom compressor likes 3PH/380V/60hz.Release other Marine Flake Ice Machine

ModelDaily OutputCompressor PowerTotal PowerUnit size
YTC-1TS1000 kgs12HP7.29268

Other production list of marine flake ice machine

ModelDaily OutputCompressor PowerTotal PowerUnit size
YTC-1TS1000 kgs9HP7.29268

Standard cooling mode for Industrial Flake ice machine kindly support water cooled.  8Ton per commercial flake ice machine are widely applied in supermarket, seafood market, food processing facility and vegetable preservation industrial.