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5Tons/day Flake Ice Machine

Visited:   Update:2015-12-16
5Tons/day Flake Ice Machine5Tons/day Flake Ice Machine5Tons/day Flake Ice Machine
  • 5Tons/day Flake Ice Machine
  • 5Tons/day Flake Ice Machine
  • 5Tons/day Flake Ice Machine

5Tons Flake Ice Machine / Industrial Ice Maker




Medium Flake ice machine 5T/day technical parameter
Subject Technical parameter Unit
Model HSW-5T  
Ice output 5000 kg/24h
Bin capacity 3000 kg
Ref.capacity 28017 kca/h
Evaporating temperature -22
Total Power 23 kw
Power supply 3N/380v/50Hz Phase/Voltage/Frequency
Refrigerant R22/R404A  
Cooling mode Water cold  
Unit dimension L*W*H 1600*1500*1480 mm
Bin size L*W*H Subject to the actual needs of the customer mm
Weight(exclude bin) 850 kg

Ice Machine Material Description:

1. Compressor:

Bitzer Semi-hermetic scroll compressor

2. Evaporator: (Self-Made)

(Self-Made) Efficient heat-exchanging alloy tank

A. Top and bottom base: Cast aluminium alloy

B. Reducer: KOKI (worm gear and worm wheel)

C. Ice Blade: 304 stainless steel spiral blade

D. Water tank: 304 stainless steel insulated tank

E. Anti-corrosion vertical circulating water pumps & Anti-corrosion pulse-metering pump

3. Condenser:

Horizontal shell and tube water cooling condenser

4. Expansion Valve:

Danfoss(TES serions)

5. Refrigerant:

Environmental R404A

6. Controller:


7. Operating method:

Touch screen operation

8. Power Supply:


9. Water Supply:

Diameter 1/2’’ , Pressure 0.15 -0.5MPa