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2Tons Fresh Water Ice Machine

Visited:   Update:2015-12-28
2Tons Fresh Water Ice Machine2Tons Fresh Water Ice Machine
  • 2Tons Fresh Water Ice Machine
  • 2Tons Fresh Water Ice Machine

2Tons Fresh Water Ice Machine / Ice Maker Machine

1. To ensure quality control.
2. The best price.
3. New design of Flake ice machine.
4. Easy operation.
5. With over 20 years of professional engineers.
6. We are supplied the Evaporator to the relevant ice machine factory at domestic market.

Fresh Water Flake ice machine 2T/day technical parameter:
Subject Technical parameter Unit
Model HSW-2T  
Ice output 2000 kg/24h
Bin capacity 500 kg
Ref.capacity 11206 kca/h
Evaporating temperature -22
Total Power 9.7 kw
Power supply 3N/380v/50Hz Phase/Voltage/Frequency
Refrigerant R22/R404A  
Cooling mode Air cooling  
Unit dimension L*W*H 1450*1050*1090 mm
Bin size L*W*H 1460*1350*1250 mm
Weight(exclude bin) 397 kg

Ice Machine Material Description:

1. Compressor:

Danfoss hermetic scroll compressor

2. Evaporator: (Self-Made)

(Self-Made) Efficient heat-exchanging alloy tank

A. Top and bottom base: Cast aluminium alloy

B. Reducer: KOKI (worm gear and worm wheel)

C. Ice Blade: 304 stainless steel spiral blade

D. Water tank: 304 stainless steel insulated tank

E. Anti-corrosion vertical circulating water pumps & Anti-corrosion pulse-metering pump

3. Condenser:

High-efficient air cooling finned condenser

4. Expansion Valve:

ALCO(TI series)

5. Refrigerant:

Environmental R404A

6. Controller:


7. Power Supply:


8. Water Supply:

Diameter 1/2’’ , Pressure 0.15 -0.5MPa