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Cold Room / Cold Storage

Visited:   Update:2015-12-28
Cold Room / Cold StorageCold Room / Cold StorageCold Room / Cold StorageCold Room / Cold Storage
  • Cold Room / Cold Storage
  • Cold Room / Cold Storage
  • Cold Room / Cold Storage
  • Cold Room / Cold Storage

Cold Storage / Cold Room

Cold Storage PU-panel
Cold storage can be divided into the Preservation Library, cold storage, freeze-storage and other non-standard storage four groups according to the functions and inside temperature of the refrigeratory.

Application of industry:Cold drinks, meat, poultry, aquatic products, hotels, supermarkets, agricultural systems, the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, Logistics etc.

The board and wall of storage all made by uniform mould. Assembly and Disassembly convenient when transportation, installation time limit is short for a project, small and medium-sized refrigerator can delivery in 2-5 days,The storage body can be random combination, separation, or increased, reduced based on user’s require.

Test Installation of the cold room :In order to guarantee the job location, we can first test to install the cold room in our factory .

Cam Lock Type (Cold Room)
Polyurethane insulation PU panel,convex and concave type cam locks pre-burried inside the panels while forming,need to use a hex wrench to lock the panels together,after assemble, need hats to cover the key hole to make the panel surface perfect.

Polyurethane PU Panel
Panel thickness   (mm)
Density (Kg/M³)
Thermal conductivity (w/m ℃)
Compression strength (mpa)
Water absorption (Kg/㎡)
Automatic shut-up time without fire(s)
Bucking strength (Mpa)
Cold-room Type Capacity(M3)
Mini Cold Room  
Midium Cold Room   
Large Cold Room