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4Tons/day Ice Block Machine

Visited:   Update:2015-12-28
4Tons/day Ice Block Machine4Tons/day Ice Block Machine
  • 4Tons/day Ice Block Machine
  • 4Tons/day Ice Block Machine

4Tons/day Ice Block Maker

Ice block maker is used in such industries as aquatic products,ice factory,fishing ports,wharfs,etc,containerized ice block maker uses the container that meets the international transportation standards as main body,40-foot container's maximum daily ice output is 10 tons,20-foot container's maximum daily ice output is 5 tons. It's a machine which are combined with the main engine、brine tanks、ice melting、ice pouring and water injection for convenience of the installment、the transportation and refrigeration.

1. Easy operation,anybody can operate the machine easily no matter he/she is experienced or not
2. Simple installation, convenient movement, no requirement for a purpose-built housing to place the machine
3. Saving cost and operation expense,the maintenance is simple,the equipments are durable


4Tons/day Ice Block Maker technical parameter

Subject Technical parameter Unit
Model HSWB-4T  
Ice output 4 T/24h
Compressor Power 11.25 kw
Compressor Brands BITZER  
Pump power 3 kw
Cooling mode Water cooling  
Size L*W*H (Units):1620*720*1510