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15T-40T Concrete Mixing engineering / Flake Ice

Visited:   Update:2013-09-30

(15-40T flake ice machine) Concrete Mixing engineering

The construction of large dams around the world and pouring concrete for the foundation of high-rise buildings need ice to control and maintain the teperature of mixing concrete.As heat evolution in the process of concrete hydration,the internal strength of concrete increases during the maintenance perido,Hydration heat makes the temperature of concrete up to 25℃.After the maintenance,the concrete temperature drops,the volume reduces,as aresult the cracks occur in the dam.Therefore,concrete pouring of the basis of every large concrete project needs a perfect needs a perfect pre-cooling system.

Flake ice storage for concrte pre-cooling should consist of at least the following seven parts
1. The structure of storage
2. Ice storage tank
3. Condenser inside the storge
4. Ice raker machine and lifting devices
5. Blocking ice door and opening and closing device
6. Ice outlet screw machine
7. Electrical system

Concrete cooling and ice-making system consist of the following four parts
1. Ice-making(large flake ice machine)
2. Ice-storage of Container
3. Delivery of ice flakes
4. Weighing of ice flakes