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Flake Ice Machine theory

Visited:   Update:2013-09-05

Flake Ice Machine theory
The working principle is the closed loop heat exchange of refrigerant, outside water flow into the tank, the water is pumped into the water distribution pan by the circulating pump, driven by the reducer, the water in the pan evenly flows down the inner wall of evaporate, the refrigerant in the refrigeration system evaporates through the loop inside the evaporator and absorbs large amount of heat by exchanging heat with the water on the wall, as a result, the water flow over the surface of inner evaporator wall sharply cools to below the freezing point and freezes into ice instantaneously, Part of the water film attached the bottom of evaporator and then into the water for recycling, when the ice on the inner wall reaches a certain thickness, spiral ice blade is driven by the peel ice from the inner wall, thus ice flakes form, fall into the ice storage bin at the bottom of ice flakers and stored for future cyclin.
Flake Ice Machine theory|Ice maker machine