Cold storage facilities
Genuine Equipment

Cold storage facilities

Cold storage facilities summ

cold storage building

Cold storage building is used for food freezing

Cold storage system

Cold storage system or Bizter compressor, crank

Walk in freezer compressor

Walk in freezer compressor Semi hermetic Coplan

Cold storage freezer

Cold storage freezer exchange allows the air co

Cold storage equipment

Cold storage equipment includes Compressor, Eva

Cold room compressor

Semi hermetic Copland or Bizter cold room compr

Walk in freezer door

Walk in freezer door: it was made of corrosion-

Insulated door panels

Insulated door panels is made of made of rigid

Industrial freezer doors

The industrial freezer doors suitable cold stor

Cold room door seals

Cold room door seals with high-strength aluminu

Chiller doors

Chiller doors with high-strength aluminum alloy

PVC transparent curtain

Material:PVC Thickness:1mm Width:

Aluminum foil tape

Size:5cm * 35y Scope of application:air

Air conditioning cable tie

Material:PVC film

Welding suit welding tools

Welding thickness:300mm

Defrosting heater

Model:BNHS-05 Material:Stainless steel

Copper phosphorus solder

Material:Copper, Phosphorus Length:500mm

Refrigerant pressure gauge

Country of Origin:China Sizes:50mm,63mm,