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Aluminum foil tape

Product technology and use:
Aluminum foil tape is a new type of self-adhesive, new type of external anti-corrosion material with high UV resistance.
The base layer of this product is a toughened aluminum foil sheet. The adhesive layer is made of butyl rubber and covered with a layer of anti-sticking insulation film.
This product is mainly used in natural gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, thermal, urban construction of oil, gas, water, heating overhead pipeline or tower body structure anti-corrosion protection.
As a result of unique products reflecting strong sunlight and UV resistance and flexibility, it is made of a smooth aluminum foil substrate and a butyl rubber modified adhesive with high corrosion resistance and strong adhesion. Solid aluminum foil anti-corrosion tape is waterproof, anti-aging, non-curing, no cracking, no moving, no peeling and other excellent features for a long time,so as to achieve the effect of strong anti-corrosion ability and beautiful appearance,and beautiful anti-corrosion products.
Use method:
Surface treatment: rust removal, welding slag, burrs, oil, dirt and keep it clean and dry
Primer: Special primer should be used. Keep away from fire when used. Stir uniformly and apply evenly with a clean brush, roller, or other mechanical method. Primer amount: Hand applied 12/L Mechanical coating 20/L ,
After the primer has dried for 5-10 minutes, it can be wound.
The use of temperature -5 °C a +50 °C,
Transport storage:
Anti-exposure, rain, frost insulation, to prevent deformation of the crush, and the fire is prohibited near heat sources.
For transport or storage, perform at -20°C to +35°C.
Shelf life is 6 months.
48 rolls/box

Product Specification

Size:5cm * 35y
Scope of application:air conditioning, pipelines, industrial and electronics industries, electrical appliances

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