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Copper phosphorus solder

Copper-phosphorus solder is mainly composed of copper and phosphorus, and has good fluidity during brazing.
Suitable for resistance brazing, flame brazing, high frequency brazing.
Copper-phosphorous solders are suitable for brazing copper and copper alloys, but are not suitable for brazing ferrous metals.
Widely used in refrigeration, home appliances, motors, electrical appliances, instruments and other manufacturing industries.
The phosphorus in the solder acts as a flux, so when copper-phosphorus welding rods are used to braze copper, no flux is needed.
Before the brazing, the dirt, oxides and other dirt on the brazed metal surface must be strictly removed.

Product Specification

Material:Copper, Phosphorus
Type:Copper Phosphorous Solder
Working temperature:730 °C
Melting temperature:710-820°C
Tensile strength:250N/mm2

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