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Danfoss filter

DML type
1.100% 3Å molecular sieve core
2.Strong drying power minimizes the risk of acid formation (hydrolysis)
3.Especially suitable for use with POE or PAG oil HFC refrigerants (R134a, R404A, R410A, etc.). Compatible with R22
4.Oil additives that do not consume oil
DCL type
1.80% 3Å molecular sieve core and 20% active aluminum
2.Good core for systems operating at high condensing temperatures and requiring high drying capacity
3.Particularly suitable for CFC and HCFC refrigerants (R22, R502, etc.) used with mineral oil and alkylbenzene oil. Compatible with HFC and refrigerant mixtures
1.UL approved, maximum working pressure up to 42bar
2.Can provide brazing (copper-plated steel joints or copper joints), bell mouth and other connections
3.Compact 3in.3 volume especially suitable for refrigeration and air conditioning units
4.Corrosion-resistant surface powder spray paint can be used in a variety of environments, including marine applications
5.If the arrow is in the same direction as the flow, it can be installed in any orientation
6.It can provide a variety of 4 ~ 75 in.3
1.25μm filter maintains efficient filtration with minimal pressure drop
2.Thermally stable temperature up to 120°C

Product Specification

Principle:Adsorption method
Uses:Dry filte
Performance:efficient filtering
Applicable to:Freon
Applicable object properties:low temperature material
Body Material:Stainless steel
Scope of application:chemical, petroleum

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