Cold storage LED lights

The biggest highlight of this luminaire is the use of high power factor linear constant current LED chips.
Based on the original switching power supply, it is upgraded and transformed to achieve LED driver-free driving.
Compared with the original product, its performance is undiminished, conversion efficiency is higher,higher cost performance, longer life, and automatic temperature adjustment。
When the temperature is too high, the system will reduce the output current and achieve a cooling effect.Is a new type of energy-saving environmental protection, low-temperature instant start, long life of cold storage lighting.
Product structure and installation method
1. As shown in the above figure, use M4*20 self-tapping screws to fix the retention feet in the desired installation position.
2. Install the control switch where you need to turn on the light
3. Connect the red wire of the input line of the luminaire to the "output" terminal of the control switch. The "input" terminal of the control switch is connected to the L line of the power grid. The luminaire input black line is connected to the N line of the power grid.
See the figure below
1. The power must be cut off to ensure safety when installing and replacing lamps.
2. The operating temperature of the lamp is -30 °C < t < 55 °C.
3. In order to meet the illumination requirements, the proposed installation height of 5M or less, beyond the scope of applicable Please select company of other products.
4. Lamps are prohibited from use in environments with high corrosion intensity.
5. The lamps placed at a high altitude should be fastened with fasteners to ensure tightness and prevent accidents.
6. Since the power limitations of the product. For higher lighting requirements, a plurality may be used.

Product Specification

LED lamp beads:SMD2835
LED quantity:28 beads
Color temperature:6000~6500K (positive white)
Luminous Flux:1m> 320Lux,2m> 110Lux
Efficiency:≥ 90%
Light emitting angle:120 degrees
Recommended lamp pole height:5m or less
Lamp size:165*82*70mm
Shade size:155*73*35mm

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